"Stitt Energy Systems, Inc. uses soy-based foam insulation from BioBased® because it's a problem solver. This product addresses insulation (R-value), and also controls air infiltration.  These combined, foam insulation makes insulating difficult spots easier and increases quality control on site.  The end result is greater customer satisfaction."

David Stitt
Stitt Energy Systems, Inc.

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About Superior Spray Solutions

Superior Spray Solutions is located in Superior Township, Michigan and serves the greater Detroit area. What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to quality and our understanding of the principles, products, and practices that go into creating a thermal envelope that fully integrates every other component of the structure. This commitment to quality and our breadth of building science knowledge insures that structures we insulate will perform as they should. We are state licensed, insured and committed to outstanding products and services. Superior Spray Solutions is in the first year of business and is fast earning a reputation for quality and reliability.  We are happy to provide references to our potential clients. We are a community and global minded company looking forward to expanding our business and providing jobs in this growing field.

Superior Spray Solutions is committed to reducing the use of fossil fuel in our country. Superior Spray Solutions is a proud dealer of BioBased® Insulation.  BioBased® Insulation is a spray foam insulation which utilizes soybean oil to replace a portion of the petroleum used in traditional spray foam insulations. Soybean oil is an annually renewable resource. More than 600,000 farmers produce this soybean oil, right here in the U.S. BioBased Insulation® is committed to sustainability and sees conserving energy in the built environment as well as continually increasing the bio-content of our products as a major driver in reducing our country's dependence on fossil fuels. As we have all seen recently the rules of supply and demand drive fuel prices higher. With each completed job, we at Superior Spray Solutions feel we are helping America keep demand of fossil fuel in check for the future.  We enjoy informing fellow energy users about the factors other than a high R-value that can reduce energy bills. In addition, the owners of Superior Spray Solutions, the Mason family, are passionate about buying American-made products for their company and their family.

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